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Coloured oil for treating hardwoods and softwoods. Excellent penetration capacity and outstanding resistance to water. It emphasises the natural structure of the wood and generates an elegant colouring of the wood.


Hardening takes place by absorption of atmospheric oxygen (oxidative drying).

Special features

  • Anti-static

Application method

Compressed air, brush, Roller brush application, Wiping (or rubbing)

(1,5 mm Spray Nozzle, 3-4 bar)

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Renewing Parquet with Legno-Öl
Renewing Parquet with Legno-Öl
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Safety data sheet
  • Furniture in residential premises, interior finishing (wooden boards, ceilings, etc.) wooden and parquet floorings.
  • Apply a maximum of one thin coat of this product to the inner surfaces of furniture and cabinets on account of possible odours.
ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Legno-Color W30 Basis zum Tönen

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