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Water-thinnable wax stain for coniferous-wood, based on special

synthetic dyestuffs and bee wax for surfaces repellent to water with a

marcable positive stain appearance, for velvet soft surface.

Special features

All colours can be mixed interchangeably and thinned with ADLER Positiv Plus Wachsbeize farblos colourless 11770.

Application method

ADLER Positiv Plus Wachsbeize 11770 ff should be stirred well before and

during use. Apply the stain by spraying (compressed air-spraying:

nozzle 1,5 - 1,8 mm, pressure 2,0 - 2,5 bar) or apply with a wide soft

brush (only small surfaces) giving the surfaces a wet glow.

(PDF | 149 KB)
Safety data sheet

Qualified for sanded, chopped, roughened, planed and brushed coniferous

wood (f.e. pine or fir), when a markant positive stain appearance ist to

be achieved and when the surface is not intended to be further

overpainted. Ideal for walls and ceilings and also for little stressed

furnitute. Not qualified for tables and chairs.

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Positiv-Plus-Wachsbeize Farblos
Positiv-Plus-Wachsbeize Fichte Gedämpft
Positiv-Plus-Wachsbeize Fichte Alt
Positiv-Plus-Wachsbeize Bergfichte
Positiv-Plus-Wachsbeize Fichte Lehm
Positiv-Plus-Wachsbeize Waldfichte
Positiv-Plus-Wachsbeize Fichte Gekocht
Positiv-Plus-Wachsbeize Fichte Gelaugt

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