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Water-thinnable stain for softwood, based on natural earth colours, in combination with modern synthetic stain dyestuffs and micronized pigments.


Because of particular additives the pigments are fixed very well on the wood-surface so that this stain is suited to be recoated with a water-thinnable varnish. You can also apply solvent-based varnishes as the topcoat.


Special features

All colours can be mixed interchangeably and thinned with ADLER Aqua-Positiv colourless 13001. When it is thinned very much, a noticeable colour difference can appear according to the own colour of the wood and the natural yellowing of the wood.


Application method

Brushed, chopped, roughed down and planed surfaces are stained without any pretreatment. Grind the surface carefully with granulation 120. It is advantageous to soak the wood surface and after drying to grind with granulation 150-180.

Stir well ADLER Aqua-Positiv before and during application. Apply the stain uniformly and spray on sufficient material to build a heavy coat („wet surface“: approx. 60 g/m²) (compressed air-spraying: nozzle 1,5 mm, pressure 2,0 – 2,5 bar). When using dark wood shades and colour shades a saturated coat application of approx. 70 – 75 g/m² is advantageous. It is also possible to


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Safety data sheet

Particularly for grinded, brushed, chopped, roughed down and planed softwoods when a distinctive positive stain appearance should be achieved and a topcoat with water-thinnable varnishes should be carried out in one cycle.


ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Aqua-Positiv Farblos
Aqua-Positiv Fichte
Aqua-Positiv Tanne
Aqua-Positiv Ulme
Aqua-Positiv Zeder
Aqua-Positiv Weide
Aqua-Positiv Eibe
Aqua-Positiv Teak
Aqua-Positiv Palisander
Aqua-Positiv Quarz
Aqua-Positiv Rubin
Aqua-Positiv Opal
Aqua-Positiv Smaragd
Aqua-Positiv Basalt

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