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Water-based pore tincture based on light-proof pigments.

Special features

ADLER Porentinktur (Pore Tincture) 12040 can be shaded using Pintasol

Universal stainers (manufactured by Clariant); maximum quantity to be

added: 3 %.

Application method



(PDF | 83 KB)
Safety data sheet

For the manufacture of so-called "whitewashed surfaces" or to achieve

opaque coloured pores in coarsely porous types of wood. ADLER

Porentinktur (Pore Tincture) 12040 is used on colourless surfaces having

a natural or stained prime coat and also on open porous surfaces that

have been painted with opaque pigment paints. Both solvent-based and

water-thinnable wooden paints can used to paint such surfaces.

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Porentinktur Weiß

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