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ADLER Varicolor

Universal matt primer coating and topcoat with primer effect for DIY and commercial users.


Easy to use, water-based matt primer coating and topcoat for indoor and outdoor use with excellent all-round properties. It can be applied universally on various substrates. The low-odourand environment-conserving product is block-resistant and nonyellowing. A finishing coat with rough glimmering texture can be achieved withthe base E20.Glossy surfaces can be realized with the application of ADLERVaricolor 41220 Farblos glänzend (glossy colorless) as a top-coat.

Special features

  • Excellent weathering resistance and durable elasticity
  • Excellent insulating effect against wood extractives
  • Good anti-corrosion effect
  • Heat-resistant up to approx. 100 °C (Heater)
  • ÖNORM EN 71-3 Safety of toys; migration of certain elements (free of heavy metals)
  • ÖNORM S 1555 or DIN 53160 Perspiration and saliva-proof properties
  • French ordinance DEVL1104875A regarding the marking of construction coating products for their emission of volatile pollutants: A+

  • Application method

     Using a

    brush roller, brush

    application, cup gun

  • Efficient coating on wood, metal, hard PVC and capable of holding old coatings for outdoor and indoor use.
  • We recommend Pullex Color 50530 ff or Pullex Aqua-Color 53331 ff for wooden components used outdoors.
  • We recommend ADLER Ferro GSX 54120 ff for tin roofs.
  • Apply coatings of ADLER Ferrocolor 54111 ff or ADLER Ferro GSX 54120 ff to horizontal sheets.
  • We recommend that you use the E20 base on metal in case of extreme weather conditions. It is particularly suitable for wrought-iron items such as grates, fences or burial crosses.
  • Please observe and follow the data sheets of the respective products.

  • ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
    ADLER Varicolor W10 Weiß, tönbar
    ADLER Varicolor W20 Basis zum Tönen
    ADLER Varicolor W30 Basis zum Tönen
    ADLER Varicolor Basisgelb
    ADLER Varicolor Basisrot
    ADLER Varicolor E20 Basis zum Tönen
    ADLER Varicolor RAL1021
    ADLER Varicolor RAL3020
    ADLER Varicolor RAL5010
    ADLER Varicolor RAL6005
    ADLER Varicolor RAL7016
    ADLER Varicolor RAL7035
    ADLER Varicolor RAL8011
    ADLER Varicolor RAL9001
    ADLER Varicolor RAL9005
    ADLER Varicolor Glänzend Farblos
    ADLER Varicolor Matt Farblos

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