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Aqua-Intense GL

Water-thinnable, two-component primer based on a special polyacrylate dispersion. Excellent transparency

and enhancement of the natural grain, high build and sealing property against colouring and water soluble

wood extractives, as for example oak.

Application method

Airless and airmix spraying (0.23-0.33 mm nozzle, 100-120 bars / 1-2 bars) undiluted

Compressed air spraying (1,8 mm nozzle, 3-4 bars)

ca. 60 s - undiluted 

(PDF | 213 KB)
Safety data sheet
  • two-component primer for varnishing of furniture, interior fixtures if intensified and transparent surfaces and water-based varnishes are required.
  • For oak to avoid discolorations caused by water soluble wood extractives if a water-based coating

    is required, specially for not-stained and bright stained surfaces.

  • For hardly inflammable and hardly combustible furnishings


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Aqua-Intense GL 2K Verarbeitung

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