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Aqua-Cryl CFB

Water-thinnable clear varnish on an acrylate dispersion basis for wood in internal areas, can be applied varnish-on-varnish, good mechanical and chemical resistance, very good body.

Special features

Resistance to cream and grease.

The requirements of Evaluation Class 5-B in accordance with ÖNORM (Austrian Standard) A1605-12 for hardly inflammable furniture surfaces are fulfilled.

Application method

Brushing (acrylic brush) and

spraying (airless, compressed air)

Wall and ceiling wainscoting, panels, wooden furniture, doors (use seals which are suitable for water-based varnishes!) and children's toys.


Also suitable for renovation coatings on conventional furniture varnishes.


ADLER Aquacryl CFB must not be used on water-based stains.

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Aqua-Cryl CFB G100 Glänzend, Farblos
Aqua-Cryl CFB G30 Matt, Farblos
Aqua-Cryl CFB G50 Halbmatt, Farblos

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