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Solvent-based polyurethane clear coat for furniture and interior furnishings.


Solvent-based furniture clear coat that can be used optionally as a 1-component or 2-component system with high filling power, excel-lent mechanical and chemical resistance and good grain accentua-tion; suitable for "Coat on coat" application, free from aromatic hy-drocarbons containing light stabiliser (UV absorber).

Special features

  • ÖNORM A 1605-12 (Furniture surfaces)

    Resistance to chemical reactions:

    For 1-comp. processing: 1-B

    For 2-comp. processing: 1-B1

    Response to abrasion: 2-D (≥ 50 U)

    Response to scratches: 4-D (≥ 1.0 N)

  • ÖNORM S 1555 respectively DIN 53160 Perspiration and saliva-proof properties
  • ÖNORM EN 71-3 Safety of toys; Migration of certain elements (free of heavy metals)

Application method

Airless, Airmix (Spray nozzle 0,23 - 0,28 mm, Spraying pressure 100 - 120 bar, Spraying air 1 - 2 bar)

Compressed air (Spray nozzle 1,8 mm, Spraying pressure 3 - 4 bar)


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Safety data sheet

  • For the coating of normally stressed furniture surfaces (e.g. bedroom and living room equipment and furnishings etc., appli-cation areas III – IV, ÖNORM A 1610-12)

    ADLER PUR-Select 26011 ff can be used as a single-component system.

  • If severely stressed furniture surfaces (e.g. kitchen and bath-room equipment and furnishings, table tops etc., application ar-eas II – IV, ÖNORM A 1610-12) are coated, we recommend that you use ADLER PUR-Select 26011 ff with the addition of hard-ener.
  • ADLER PUR-Select 26011 ff has some of its own colour or slightly dark yellowing, which can possibly cause interference on light-coloured woods or with light shades of stains. Hence, we discourage you from using it on surfaces bleached with hydro-gen peroxide.
ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
PUR-Select G10 Stumpfmatt
PUR-Select G30 Matt
PUR-Select G50 Halbmatt
PUR-Select G70 Seidenmatt

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