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Fast-drying 2K-PUR-Grundlack (base coat) based on poly-acrylate resin / cellulose acetate butyrate.

Excellent grain accentuation and good grindability and filling power. Can be recoated using water-thinnable paints.


Special features

ADLER-PUR-Primer roughens the wood surface less than the water-thinnable

base coats; thus, the work of intermediate sanding gets reduced.



wood ingredients (e.g. in the case of woods rich in tanning agents such

as oak or larch) are not activated by ADLER PUR-Primer; the associated

problems of discoloration do not occur.


ADLER PUR-Primer contains an optimal quantity of UV absorber as protection against yellowing and no

other additive is required for this purpose.

Application method

Airless / Airmix spraying (0.23 – 0.28 mm nozzle, 100 - 120 bar/1-2 bar)

Approx. 30 sec. – undiluted up to 5 % ADLER DD-Verdünnung (Thinner) 80019

Compressed-air spraying (1.8 mm nozzle, 3 - 4 bar) Approx. 20 sec. – 10 - 15 % ADLER DD-Verdünnung (Thinner) 80019

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Safety data sheet

Prime coat for furniture surfaces in the living room and bedroom having good filling power and grain

accentuation when clear water-thinnable paints are to be applied as top coats. A top coat using solventbased 2K-PUR paints can also be applied.

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