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Quick-drying polyurethane varnish with good brightening

effect; high mechanical and chemical resistance, attractive pore pattern.



Binding agent basis: Oil-modified

polyester resin/cellulose acetate butyrate and nitrate.

Special features

ADLER Isopur 26101 ff already contains an optimal

amount of light stabiliser as a protection against yellowing. Nothing more must

be added.

Application method

Airless Spraying

Compressed Air Spraying

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Safety data sheet

For all light types of wood, particularly softwoods, if

the natural colour of the wood should be largely maintained. 


For all surfaces in the furniture

and interior design sector varnished to make them brighter, if a high

resistance is required. 


For non-flammable or difficult to

ignite structures. 


Suitable for areas bleached with

hydrogen peroxide. 


As ADLER Isopur 26101 ff is a brightening material, we only

recommend its use for the application groups III to IV pursuant to ÖNORM A

1610-12, although this varnish meets the requirements for the application

groups II to IV according to the standard. 


ADLER Isopur 26101 ff is not suitable for varnishing dark kinds or

dark stained wood surfaces due to its good brightening effect.

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
Isopur G10 Stumpfmatt
Isopur G30 Matt

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