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Fast-drying polyurethane filler with a good sanding, high build, good stand on perpendicular surfaces and excellent permanent elasticity.

Binding agent: polyacrylate resin

Application method

Airless/airmix spraying (0.28-0.33-mm nozzles, 100-120 bars/1-2 bars) About 23 s - 15 - 20 parts by weight of ADLER DD-Verdünnung thinner 80019 or 30 – 35 parts by volume of ADLER DD-Verdünnung 80019

Compressed air spraying (1.8-2.0-mm nozzles, 3-4 bars) About 20 s – 20 – 25 percent by weight ADLER DD-Verdünnung thinner 80019 or 35 – 45 percent by volume of ADLER DD-Verdünnung 80019

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Safety data sheet

High build priming coat for covering pigment coating systems for furniture and interior outfitting.

Possible priming coats: Untreated and veneered chipboards, MDF boards pretreated with 2K-PUR varnish and massive woods.

As this product stays well on vertical surfaces it is most suitable for the use on mouldings and profiled objects.

ProductSize of trading unitsItem number
PUR-Spritzfüller Schwarz
PUR-Spritzfüller Weiß

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