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Solvent-based, conform to the Decopaint directive, opaque 2-component polyurethane insulating filler based on acrylic resin, free from aromatic hydrocarbons, with quick drying, high filling power and excellent grindability. The product is characterised by its good firmness on vertical surfaces and excellent permanent elasticity. It can be applied directly on high-class MDF.

Special features

  • ÖNORM A 1605-12 (Furniture surfaces)

    Flame treatment: 5-B (highly non-flammable furniture surfaces)

  • ÖNORM A 3800-1 (Fire behaviour) in conjunction with a flameretardant

    substrate and topcoat:

    highly non-combustible or flame-retardant (formerly B 1 in accordance with B 3800 -1), Q1, Tr 1

  • The content of COV of the ready to use ADLER PUR-Isofill is below 500 g solvents/litre and is conform to the Austrian Solvent Decree (Österreichische Lösemittelverordnung 2005 - BGBl. II 398/2005, 06/12/2005) resp. the German Deutsche ChemVOCFarbV (BGBl. I S. 3508 / BgBl. I S. 2194) and therefore to the Directive 2004/42/EG (Decopaint-Richtlinie).
  • French Ordinance DEVL1104875A regarding the labelling of construction coating products with respect to their emission of volatile pollutants: A+

Application method

Airless, Airmix, Aircoat (0.28-0.33 mm, 100-120 bar)

Cup gun (1.8-2.0 mm, 3-4 bar)


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Safety data sheet

  • Full-bodied primer coating for opaque pigment paint structures in furniture and interior furnishing

  • It is also suitable for profiled work-piece shapes and battens on account of its good staying power
  • for highly non-flammable or flame-retardant structures
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PUR-Isofill Weiß

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