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High-quality polyurethan-metallic paint for furniture. Very good chemical and mechanical resistance, excellent light fastness. Basis of binding agent: resin of polyacrylat/celluloseacetobutyrat.


For achieving different tints you can mix ADLER Metallic Base 25834 with up to 10% ADLER Pigmopur 24005ff.

Application method

Compressed air spraying

(1.8 mm nozzles, 3-4 bars) About 18 s - about 10 % ADLER DD-Verdünnung (thinner) 80019

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Safety data sheet

For the production of high-quality pigment paint structures with a metallic effect for furniture and the entire interior outfitting including the kitchen and sanitary areas: Fields of Use with an appropriate top coat (f. e. ADLER Pigmotop 25363 ff) II – IV in accordance with ÖNORM A 1610-12.

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