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Coal inside and ADLER outside: Rubner is building the largest wooden dome of Europe

143 metres diameter, 50 metres height, 22,000 square metres of plywood boards – and all of that times two: The dimensions of the two wooden domes, which are being implemented at present by Rubner Holzbau in the Italian city of Brindisi, are gigantic. Equally gigantic is the cost and effort of planning, transport and assembly. This is all the more reason that we are happy to be associated with this complex and elaborate: The coatings for the wooden components are provided by ADLER!


The construction work at the very south of Italy is progressing at full speed since December 2013. The energy supplier, ENEL is having two new coal stockyards erected and has relied on the most eco-friendly and flexible construction material for this purpose: wood! The vibrant material, in the meantime, has become the first choice even for demanding and unusual projects: "The domes are being arranged and executed as spherical flattened domes in geodesic geometry", describe the experts of Rubner.


Starting from a small sawmill in Kiens, the company has developed to a globally operating Group of companies with more than 1,500 employees and locations in the whole of Europe. From the timber industry to real estate construction and right up to production of doors – wherever the value material is used and processed, Rubner is the leader. The love for wood associates the South Tyroleans with our company - this is why the varnishes and coatings for several Rubner projects come from Schwaz.


ADLER is "live", so to speak, in its presence even for the domes in Brindisi. The plywood board measuring more than 3,000 square metres and 44,000 square metres of laminated boards are being coated with ADLER Lignovit farblos (colourless) and ADLER Lignovit Plus in the colour shade of pine. This not only ensures the best preservation, but also provides a fantastic look as demonstrated by the initial photos from the site. The domes are slated to be completed in 2015 – we look forward to the occasion and shall continue to report on this!

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