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ADLER is based in Tyrol and is growing fast

For more than 80 years ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik has been a family run business in the heart of Europe and nothing shall change it! Because ADLER continues to rely on Schwaz in Tyrol as its one and only production site: The company is growing, and with the construction of the most modern water-based paint factory in Europe, the company is investing in the future of this Austrian site as well as its own. This morning, the company celebrated the official foundation laying in a ceremony attended by the mayor of Schwaz.



"We provide infrastructure and service at the customer site. But we manufacture and research only in Schwaz. To achieve this we shall be investing more than 25 million Euro this year", says businesswoman Andrea Berghofer, who is the third generation to run ADLER. The year 2016 is a milestone in the company's history: Europe's most modern water-based paint factory is being built. In September, the building is expected to be finished with a floor area of 3,000 square metres; production will begin in early 2017. And this production will be impressive: "Thanks to modern modular manufacturing methods, we will be producing up to 30,000 tons of water-based paints every year" says Christian Steurer, head of logistics at ADLER.  


Under the planning of the Innsbruck architectural office ATP, a state-of-the-art building is coming up on the ADLER factory premises. The façade of the sustainable building material, spruce wood, will be refined with the in-house trend glaze Pullex Silverwood. Until then, the excavator will still need to make one or more trips, and the cranes will need to overcome a couple of metres more in elevation. There was a symbolic foundation laying ceremony with the mayor of Schwaz and the planning team at the ADLER factory today, February 3, 2016. The official kick-off of the future growth of the ADLER paint factory and the industrial area of Schwaz in Tyrol resounded with music and keynote speeches. 



Investment 2016: 25 million Euro

Total investment volume of all 3 construction stages: around 60 million Euro 

Area of the new building: 3,000 square metres 

Production capacity of the new building: 30,000 tons of water-based paint 

Expected completion date: September 2016 

Expected production start: Early 2017

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